ControlMate FM Pressure Controller

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Pressure control can be the simplest and most immediate method of reducing leakage, and has been proven to reduce burst frequency. Active pressure management using electronic pressure controllers enables pressure to be optimized with changing demand. ControlMate FM intelligently controls PRV output pressure against the zone's actual demand (flow modulation) or can respond to a pre-programmed time of day.

The system supports closed loop "learning" and override from the critical point. Si-Clops 2 uses ControlMate FM with a critical point logger and intelligent ControllerCom communications module to provide self-learning flow modulated control. The control parameters are automatically optimised against logged data fed from the CP logger to optimise pressure at the critical point, thereby maximising water savings.

ControlMate FM has been designed to incorporate a range of features including recessed buttons, clearer labelling and the option of being powered by external battery packs to extend operational life.

The ControlMate range of PRV controllers can be supplied with a brass Hydraulic Actuator used as the interface between the electronic controller and the hydraulic PRV. The device is fitted in place of the adjusting screw of the standard pilot on the PRV. To adjust the PRV outlet, the ControlMate progressively extends or retracts the moving "rod" of the actuator in small steps under closed loop control. This leads to very accurate and repeatable control of the PRV outlet pressure. In two-point pressure control applications, the two required pressure settings are mechanically set and locked on the Actuator. The outlet pressure of the main PRV cannot be outside of these values. This means that failure of electronics, incorrect operation by the user, burst or frozen pipes cannot cause closure of the main PRV.