ControllerCom Communication Module

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ControllerCom is designed to provide reporting of logged data and remote programming for ControlMate electronic pressure controllers.

The system reduces the requirement for expensive and time-consuming site visits, since access to all logged data and control settings are available via a central PC. It also allows the operation of the Siclops closed loop intelligent system when installed with Controller and Critical Point Data Logger.

External battery pack options ensure the flexibility to offer exactly the level of access required for each site situation from economic daily or weekly reporting of data, to full 24 hour immediate call up access.

Alarms can be configured to provide remote alerts giving users the ability to examine and react instantly to site events.

The unit can be fitted to any Wessex/Palmer controller with a CX connector in place, and a range of external battery packs are available to allow the operator up to full 24-hour instant access.

The operator has the benefit of versatile setup options to suit different applications.

SMS/GPRS reporting of logged data
SMS/GPRS programming message to Controller
Automated, intelligent, self-learning closed loop system.